• December 10, 2023
  • RM Team
  • https://rmteam.com/

The Background: RMTeam approached Turnsole with the aim to build a scalable, secure, and intuitive data management product. They sought a solution that could serve multiple user segments including data collectors , data project managers, data analysts, and administrators.

Challenge: Turnsole needed to design an application capable of considering the broad spectrum of needs represented by the RMTeam’s varied user groups. This required an in-depth understanding of each individual segment, as well as the context in which the app must operate. In this case, the solution needed to perform in conflict-sensitive and vulnerable environments requiring an extra level of care for data security, user privacy, and risk mitigation.

Solution: BlueData is a web and mobile tool designed for collecting and managing data securely in one easy-to-analyze place. This system is designed with many applications to capture, organize, and make sense of a set of facts, observations, testimonials, research, documents, and multimedia files. BlueData accepts many formats, including pieces of text, documents, photos, images, video, and audio.