Freelancing Platform


Subul.org is an online freelancing application. This powerful app has a smart mechanism which connects skilled freelancers to employers, and offers other services such as online payments, contracting and messaging systems, filtering, and a notification system.
This huge enterprise project went through several milestones. After each milestone, we had a deep and comprehensive analysis of user requirements and user experience. We then evaluated software design and our multi-leveled testing process in quality control to ensure the highest caliber of our deliverables.

Turnsole is such an amazing company, and it has creative team. we worked with them on 2 projects, in addition to that projects delivered on time, the service was better than we expect- ed, and the team had eective communica- tions skills which we didn’t find in other companies. We will be more than happy to hire Turnsole again for our future projects.

Khaled Shaaban, Roia CEO