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Damascus Voice

Damascus Voice, a media agency specializing in providing news on Syrians inside Syria and Syrian refugees around the world, had significant performance and cyber-security issues in their previous website that hindered them from reaching their audience.
Turnsole rebuilt a new, secure website with improved user experience that increased user engagement with the website. Our analytics showed the audience increasing 5x overafter publishing the new website.
Moreover, The satisfaction of the client encouraged them to go further, so we built their mobile application on Android and IOS platforms.

Turnsole team built a unique and modern design for our website of Damascus Voice, very fast and user friendly, as well as easy for users to search and find news and reports. Turnsole was special with their punctuality, attention to the most accurate details, and the speed of response when any technical issue occurred.  Thank you Turnsole Team from Damascus Voice.

Damascus Voice, General Manager