Background: MCultivo found itself grappling with the limitations of its former version, Mcultivo ERP 1.0—an outdated iteration plagued by inadequate functionality, glitchy performance, a cumbersome user interface, and hindered by an obsolete technology stack that rendered its code non-scalable and challenging to maintain.Challenge: To meet MCultivo’s needs Turnsole had to forge a contemporary technology that not only addressed the deficiencies of the past but also introduced a range of enhancements. The goal was to install the system with elevated scalability, optimized performance, and ease of maintenance.

Solution: Turnsole undertook an ambitious mission: to construct an entirely new system from the ground up. This fresh system features refined product design and reimagined that harnesses the potential of novel technologies and tools. It highlights an enriched functionality, unwavering stability, and a user experience that sets a new standard. Crucially, the resulting solution is poised to adapt in sync with the dynamic needs of a growing business as it charts its expansion.